Assignment 4

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This is a video about a man who talks about his horse. He believes that horse helps with people learning to corporate with others. Horse’s teaches one how to be collaborative with others. He compares corporation to a horse because they are big animals that wont take no mistreatment so if one knows how to work with a horse, then they can work with anybody.


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Assignment 1: Website Analysis

Websites are created to get the viewers attention and their interest. There are several different types of websites. They all want to do the same thing and that’s gaining the audience’s attention. Many websites have memberships or clubs so the individual who frequently visits the website will feel like they are part of that website. Websites want to keep the audiences interested as soon as the individual opens the page. If the individual is interested, then they would move on to click the tabs which are usually located on the side of the web page. The website that I analyzed allows participation of the viewers. The website I evaluated is called,

The Design of the website is simple. The front page is a white background with one photograph of kids and adult faces put into a dark blue collage. The website has several articles on the front page of what the site is promoting. There is one image of little kids at the top of the website with the Pennsylvania Prison Society in bold. I think the website is trying to convey a happy mood by showing that we developed an organization that can helps kids of incarcerated parent’s with opportunities. When you first come to the page, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if I was looking for organizations similar to the Pennsylvania Prison Society, all I have to do is click on Links, which linked me to similar organizations. I also realized that the publishers of the website persistent at keeping the site updated with new information. The last time the site was updated was on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. The purpose of this website is to get more members involved into the organization. In brief, this website is a “social justice organization that advocates on the behalf of prisoners, formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.” In other words, this website supports kids who have incarcerated parents and individuals who were in prison by offering work opportunities and educated programs. The website also wants to bring awareness concerning individuals who are denied rights and opportunities after having served their time. They also support inmates who are serving their time. For example, members of the Pennsylvania Prison Society will visit inmates who do not frequently get visitors. The first web page of the website began with facts talking about when the Pennsylvania Prison Society was established. I also noticed on the first page of the website that there were headline links in big bold letters stating, “Family Transpiration”, “Family Virtual Visitation,” and “Support to kids with Incarcerated Parents.” I believe that these titles are on the first page in order to get the audience immediately involved. Another purpose for the website could be creating a virtual community. The Headline, “Family Virtual Visitation” shows that the website can have a purpose of developing a virtual online community

What doesn’t work about the opening page is that they want the audiences to get immediately involved in the movement without clicking on the “About” tab. I believe this because there is a great deal of information regarding the organization on the opening page. There are different tabs on the first page titled: About, Advocacy, Leadership, Legislative Update, Programs & Services, Publications, Employment, Membership, and Links. This shows that the website is organized for navigational purposes. The About and Advocacy tabs talk about what the organization is about and what they do to stay devoted to their purpose. In addition to, by clicking these tabs, there are lists of people who are official visitors. The Legislative Update tab also gives a list of senates and House of Representatives who were involved in the movement. I believe that one of the most important tabs is the Leadership tab. I think it is the most user-friendly tab because a viewer can contact any staff director they want for further information on the website. I also think the Publications tab is user-friendly because it allows the user to search for newsletter issues from year 2000 until now. This allows the individual to see what the organizations have been doing in previous year. I noticed that this page does not have advertising which is shocking.

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Assignement 3 Stills editing

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This is short story made with still photo images. The story is about a girl named Lisa who left her boyfriend Luke becasue she the man she decided that should pine for her forever, is getting married. This uncomfortable situation for led to her hooking up with a masculine female named Rayna. Lisa and Rayna enjoyed each others company until Rayna became controlling. Lisa decided to win her ex-boyfriend when she found out that he was not longer getting married because his wife had cheated on him with John (Luke’s brother). Because Rayna would attempt to harm her. Rayna was sentenced two years in prison for attempted assault and 9 months in Norristown State Hospital for schizophrenia. Lisa and Luke got back together and had gave birth to little Stuart.

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Behaving badly and making a fool of yourself is all part of being a celebrity, but sometimes the things that they are caught doing hinder their beliefs. This website has a rundown of celebrities who are sex addicts, drug fiends, bad girls and silly boys who amuse the public by their silly acts. I created this site because I think it’s funny when celebrities are caught drinking or smoking. Its funny because celebrities are shown to be perfect people and not to do what many people enjoy doing such as drinking and smoking. I wanted to design a website that shows photos and videos of celebrities who were caught drunk or stoned.

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